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FCF Sport Horse Training

COH06-613916Flying Chesterfield Farm is home to FCF Sport Horse Training and  trainer Domenique “Nicki” Carson.




Why is FCF Sport Horse Training different  from the rest?                                                                                                                                        

Nicki has a unique, complete approach to handling and riding each horse.  Bringing out the best in every horse creating  supple, responsive and confident athletes.  

Nicki believes that all horses must be repectful and aware of their partner on the ground before under saddle work begins.  Beginning by introducing herself to every horse in the  round pen on a line and progressing to off-line work.  No matter the level of training they arrive with.  By doing so she is able to gain a sense of how the horse will react to certain training methods or aids and their over all personality.

Why Dressage for young horses?

Giving a young horse a correct start in the basics of dressage can be invaluable later on in their career.  What are the Basics?  Creating a forward, balanced horse with as much self carriage and impulsion that each individual can accomodate.     

Do we focus only in Dressage?

Our primary focus is Dressage Sport Horses but, we also accept Eventing and Hunter prospects in training as well.

teddy_07_2007 (2)Nicki has been addicted to horses from a very young age.  She began riding lesson’s at the age of 6 and from then on she never left the barn.  She began her riding career as many youngsters, in the hunter ring and  her love of Dressage developed after entering the Eventing world.    Nicki was lucky to have been home schooled which allowed her as much time possible at the barn riding and developing partenerships with her horses. 

She thanks Rebecca Roach for introducing her and encouraging her to excel in dressage and eventing.  Rebecca also began her education in training the young and green horse.  In 2006 she worked and rode with Todd Bryan in Union Bridge, Md.  2008-2009 Nicki lessoned with Jessica Jo Tate after attending a clinic with JJ on her mare Teddy.    She has participated in clinics with Heath Ryan, Matt Ryan, George Morris and Gerhard Politz.     For 2-1/2 years she worked as a veterinary assistant at Odian Equine Practice for Michael Odian, DVM.  Where she gained an amazing amount of knowledge learning to recognize lameness issues and how to manage the equine athlete.  Currently she is seeking her next upper level prospect and in the meantime shows client and FCF owned horses in-hand and under saddle. 

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